Building the next-generation SaaS platform

What we’re building

At Percolate, we’re building a platform that transforms how marketers do their jobs. To do that, we need to leverage technologies that allow us to build a delightful user experience on top of a rock-solid backend and data layer. Our stack is based on Python, Go, React.js, GraphQL, Kafka, ElasticSearch and other leading technologies.

We believe that the best quality software is built by passionate teams working at a sustainable pace. We follow a continuous integration and deployment model that allows our developers to ship dozens of times each week. In addition, our developers often contribute their work to open source projects.

We’re looking for talented, out-of-the-box thinkers to join us in building and delivering a thoughtful product.

We don’t have any open positions on this team right now, but we’re growing, so check back for new openings.