Accelerating Amtrak’s Customer-Centric Marketing

In 2014, Amtrak deployed Percolate to build a more customer-centric brand across its digital marketing channels. This case study shows how Amtrak used Percolate’s integrated marketing calendar, image editing tools, and user-generated content (UGC) procurement capabilities to save time, create more visually compelling content, and build meaningful connections with their customers. Read on below or download the full case study.


“We utilize topics to ensure that our content is diverse and address the goals of our organization. This is essential when providing internal partners with metrics that speak to their initiatives and to ensure that we are adequately representing all of our products.”
Julia Quinn Julia Quinn — Director, Social Media at Amtrak


Percolate’s planner and content topics helps Amtrak scale their social presence and ensure they are consistently producing content for all their different lines of business.


By using image editor, Amtrak’s small social media team can quickly and efficiently customize images with filters and hashtags for their social pages and customer contests.

Photo Procurement

Percolate has helped Amtrak acquire the rights to over 329 images of their fans’ experiences on Amtrak. These photos also serve as inspiration for Amtrak’s written content on their social channels and blog.


Through Percolate, Amtrak can edit their sourced user-generated content, turning the images into branded assets. When added to social content, user-generated photos performed better on Amtrak’s social channels than images from other sources.

“The image editor gives us the opportunity to quickly edit our imagery without having to open a separate editing tool. This time saving feature might seem small, but goes a long way when the to-do list is long and the day is busy.”
— Alicia Lee, Senior Officer, Social Media