Percolate is a thoughtful
technology company
Our mission is to help brands create content at social scale. Here’s more about what that means:


A thoughtful technology company that’s building a new kind of technology platform.

Help Brands:

Our clients are brands. We work primarily with Fortune 500 brands. The biggest brands in the world.

Create Content:

Content is the lifeblood of social. Without interesting, fresh content there is no reason for brands’ audiences to spend the huge amounts of time they do everyday on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

At Social Scale:

Social scale is how we help brands understand the seismic shift that’s taking place. Social scale is about recognizing that brands are moving from a world of 21-week production schedules for a television commercial that will run for 3 months to a tweet every 21 minutes.

Meet the Founders
A Q&A with Noah and James

Why did you build Percolate

Noah: “We are excited about technology, brands, and content and thought there was a better, more scalable, way to help brands create the content they need for the social web.”

Why content?

James: “As marketers, building a brand has always been about communication. This communication has primarily taken shape as some form of content.”

What’s changed to make Percolate relevant?

Noah: “Speed and scale. Before the internet, messages were measured by months in market, not minutes. Brands created a few pieces of stock content each year and then spread those messages out in bursts. While stock is still a key part of internet content, brands need to create more content, more frequently. That's where flow comes in: Smart hits of curated content that are relevant and inexpensive, but still convey quality and allow the brand to leave their stamp.”

While stock is still a key part of internet content, brands need to create more content, more frequently.

How can a brand become a great content creator?

James: “By paying attention to the world they want to be communicating with. The only way to be a good content creator is to be constantly consuming. For decades agencies have served this function for brands: Consuming culture and audience research to match up with the brand and create beautiful content. This process works with incredible efficiency until you move into real-time: the demand for 10-20 pieces of short-form content daily proves to be a breaking point. To be truly effective at this sort of scale — what we call 'social scale' — you need a workflow that allows you to produce as you consume.”

How does Percolate help brands?

James: “Percolate is helping solve the most fundamental question brands have in social: What should I talk about? The system takes away the blank boxes of software by recommending relevant content for the brand to create.”

What’s next?

Noah: “We are working to define the future of brand marketing: We want to be the torchbearers for the value of content as a marketing tool. The meaning of digital marketing is still up for grabs and we want to make sure when it falls it's about brands building value with consumers on an always-on basis by being interesting.”

“We are building a world class team of product and business minded folks to join us on our mission. The team we’ve assembled is something we’re deeply proud of, you should probably join us. It’s awesome.”

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