A central system to plan and execute on-message content that drives business forward

The world’s largest technology brands are powered by Percolate.

Driving enterprise-scale collaboration

For one Fortune 500 B2B technology company, Percolate is the central system for their planning and collaboration workflows, enabling them to drive efficiency and effectiveness globally.

Increasing visibility across the enterprise

Percolate gives the company’s teams around the world a source of truth for all initiatives that are planned and in production. This increased visibility enables the marketing team to avoid duplicating work across siloed teams.

Delivering consistent marketing

Standardizing the briefing process is critical to providing consistent, on brand marketing around the world. By encoding their marketing strategy in Percolate, the global team can ensure all teams are adhering to the same standards and processes.

We are using Percolate as a way to kick off broader conversations around not only content planning and collaboration, but omnichannel strategy.”

Director of Marketing Technology


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