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Transition brings together some of the world’s most curious minds from across the spectrum of disciplines. These experts, and their ideas of a future transformed by technology, give context to the work we do as marketers.

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Transition LDN - October 26, 2017

In October 2017, we took Transition to Europe for the first time. At Transition London, we were joined by Ben Jefferies, Head of Digital Publishing at BP who shared with the audience learnings on large-scale omnichannel planning, as well as Dimension Data’s CMO Ruth Roman, who walked the audience through how the they are transforming their organization to prepare for the future.

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Fast Company Festival, 2017

As a part of the Fast Company Festival in 2017, 50+ marketers joined Percolate cofounder and CTO Noah Brier for a discussion and workshop on mental models. Noah walked the audience through the frameworks used by CMOs to grow their organizations, build iconic brands, and drive their own careers forward.

Transition Audience
Theresa McDonnell
Transition Venue

Transition NY - September 28, 2017

In September we brought together some of the brightest minds in marketing for a day of talks that both challenged and inspired attendees. With presentations from innovative speakers like Beth Comstock, Former Vice Chair at GE and Raja Rajamannar, CMO at Mastercard, there were many learnings for marketers to take back to their teams, including tips on how to drive engagement through story-making and implementing strong internal processes.

The Transition conference is actually really cool because I think it forces us to really think differently. You bring together a lot of different types of people from all different worlds

Theresa McDonnell

Theresa McDonnell

Director Digital Content & UStudio
Editor Unilever North America

Transition Venue
Vikram Singh
Transition Audience

Transition SF - June 8, 2017

200 marketers gathered in San Francisco to discuss digital transformation and where our industry is headed. Here we saw marketing leaders from Cisco, Electronic Arts, Albertsons, and Land O’ Lakes shared how they are driving big changes in their organizations. One common theme that emerged is that many of these changes started from the inside, whether that was changing internal brand perception or encouraging culture changes.

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