Percolate is built around two teams:
Product & Business
We combine the skills from our Product team - Design, Engineering, and Product Management - with our Business team's strengths - in Sales, Account Management and Brand Strategy - to create a thoughtful and forward thinking company.
Our collaborative approach day to day brings together our collective experiences, aspirations, and ideas. We are committed to improving.

Things that matter to us
The principles which focus us each day

Thoughtful Technology

Our system relies on a healthy combination of from-scratch code and open-source solutions. Our stack includes Python (with Django), MySQL, Redis, and backbone.js (amongst others).


We believe design has a larger role than just creating great software for our team and clients; we look to our design process to inform and change the way our teams approach their work.

Client happiness

Creating the best customer experience is what drives us. From calibration workshops to day-to-day support; each step is thought through and constantly evaluated at Percolate.

Creative everyone

We’re creating a company where all opinions are heard and valued. Our approach gives people confidence in their work and motivates everyone to work towards our collective goals.

Always on time

We care deeply about things happening on time; from software releases to team meetings. This commitment focuses us and drives the company towards defining milestones.


We really like thinking about content, the internet, and brands. Key to our thinking is the content strategy known as Stock & Flow, the approach that enables brands to publish at scale.

Thinking in Product

Everyone at Percolate is encouraged to think about how to improve their workflow with software. We want to understand how to work smarter and what tools we can build to make this happen.

The Coach

Everything we produce; from communications to software has the voice of a coach giving guidance and motivation. This approach helps us provide clients the support they need.

Meet the teams
Working together to create the best customer experience possible
Our structure is pretty flat. That doesn't mean totally flat, and in fact we take management very seriously, but we're reasonably flat and try not to have a bunch of layers of middle management.

The Product team here at Percolate works around sprint cycles to release features. Designers and Engineers work with Product Managers to evolve our software to build the system of record for marketing. Everyone is empowered to work on solutions they believe in.


Our Business team is focused on establishing and developing incredible client relationships. Sales Executives, Account Managers, and Client Solutions work to support and guide brands through the ever changing world of social. This presents opportunities to work with brand leaders.