Percolate is a thoughtful
technology company
Our vision is to transform marketing through technology. Our mission is to build the system of record for marketing.

Our software connects and automates key marketing tasks to increase your productivity, save you time, and help you create and deliver content that wins customers. Combining enterprise-grade brand security with powerful, first-of-their-kind web and mobile marketing capabilities, Percolate is flexible enough to power global marketing efforts at Unilever, GE and Anheuser-Busch InBev, and accelerate high-growth companies like Harry's, Pandora and Shinola.

Marketing is in transition to global reach, mobile audiences, and enlightened software, and Percolate is building the system of record that puts marketers firmly in control of their future.
Meet the Founders
A Q&A with Noah and James

Why did you build Percolate?

Noah: “We started Percolate to provide brands with technology to create marketing at the scale, pace and pattern we saw communication evolving toward. Since that original vision, it’s become increasingly clear that mobile and social are fundamentally transforming marketing — everything from how companies talk to their customers to the ways they reach them. Marketers need content, of course, but more importantly they need a system of record — a technology platform that tracks and improves their work from how they plan, to when they create it, to where customers experience it. That’s Percolate.”

What's so important about this system of record? Why does marketing need one?

James: “Marketing is in transition. Thanks to mobile, in the next five years we could move from 3 billion to nearly 6 billion internet users. It’s hard to overstate the realities and excitement of nearly 100% of the planet being connected on the same network. We’re also looking at a future where consumers have a lot of freedom to consume marketing on their own terms. The marketers who succeed in this future will be the ones who consistently deliver targeted, relevant messages that their customers genuinely enjoy. You can’t do that without the technology to plan, manage and understand your marketing, end-to-end. That’s the system of record we’re talking about; the best collaborative marketing calendar, the best media library, the best mobile workflows — all seamlessly integrated inside one platform.”

What kind of results and benefits is Percolate delivering to customers?

Noah: “Across the board Percolate is helping clients modernize their marketing, ranging from planning and team collaboration to mobile marketing and analytics. We’re seeing customers implement more effective cross-channel marketing programs, produce more content in less time, and generate consistently positive return on investment.”

What’s next?

Noah: “We are working to define the future of marketing: We want to be the torchbearers for mobile-forward and customer-centric marketing. The definition of digital marketing is still up for grabs and we want to make sure it's about brands being remarkable and building lasting value for consumers.”

“The team we’ve assembled here at Percolate is truly world-class, and something we’re deeply proud of. If you’re as driven as we are about shaping the future of marketing, you should definitely come join our team. It’s awesome.”

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