Meet Percolate:
The System of Record
for Marketing
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Percolate is the system of record for marketing. Our end-to-end platform of web and mobile products helps marketing teams drive effectiveness at every step of the marketing process. From brand governance to planning, content sourcing and creation, to publishing, moderation and analytics, Percolate is the answer for the modern day marketer.

Learn how Percolate makes the best marketers better.

Brand DNA
Great marketing is aimed at an audience, matched to a platform, triggered by an event, aligned with a business objective, and represents the brand. These five elements are the building blocks of marketing.
Percolate is the only marketing software customized for your brand. Our platform encodes all of your unique marketing building blocks — including your target audiences and platforms, business objectives, contextual triggers, and brand identity guidelines — to make every aspect of your marketing more efficient and on-brand.
Using disconnected and incomplete tools like spreadsheets and emails to plan your marketing leads to inefficiencies and lost productivity. With Percolate, you can schedule, collaborate and communicate everything your team does with the only cross-channel calendar that connects all your marketing priorities.
Percolate's integrated approach to planning streamlines the process for communicating ideas, events and campaigns, helping your team to deliver more effective results faster.
Marketing production cycles have shortened from days to hours to minutes. With less time to craft content, the challenge is often what to say across channels.
Percolate is the only technology to help with inspiration, providing brand-focused trends from the web, image and media recommendations, and briefs for campaign management. Teams can build from idea seeds through to completed content.
The Photographer app helps brands
source images from employees
Once your team has a plan and an idea in place, you have to assemble resources, media and requirements to create quality content. The right marketing software should tie each creation step together to make your job easier.
Percolate's content sourcing solutions make it simpler to build great marketing. Teams can organize assets into a centralized, searchable Media Library or seamlessly tap into a large pool of licensed media. External media partnerships allow teams to commission branded photo shoots, longform copywriting, videos, infographics, and more.
The best marketing comes from effective collaboration. Managing the input and feedback of teams of people takes a tremendous amount of time.
Move away from "war rooms" and endless email threads. Instead, our software lets your team build on concepts together, with the flexibility to support any publishing workflow. With Percolate, you can even create content in real-time on your mobile device. Percolate allows teams to create content for any marketing situation - planned or spontaneous, proactive and reactive.
Marketers need to match their content to each specific audience and platform - and publishing only becomes more complex as audiences grow, targeting options expand, and new channels emerge.
Percolate enhances how your brand manages and captures audience attention. With our publishing and paid media tools, you can synchronize all your marketing efforts so your blog, email, social, and search all work together. With the addition of Percolate's Ambassador app, you can also tap into employees and brand advocates for authentic expanded reach.
Social and digital allow for immediate feedback from your audiences - the most direct point of contact with existing and prospective customers.
In Percolate, you can can go beyond response management and build your brand with targeted, custom experiences. Not only will your team be able to intelligently engage with your audiences and route inquiries, they'll also be able to transform every fan into a potential content creator with FanBranded, Percolate's user-generated content procurement app.
Percolate’s Leaderboard App:
Track performance on the go.
With millions of people interacting with billions of posts and links, digital marketing generates a tremendous amount of data. Making sense of it is the hard part.
Percolate's end-to-end platform lets you analyze your marketing from creation to customer, delivering insights no other software can. With customizable reporting, teams can correlate performance metrics with their marketing building blocks to drive true insights around content effectiveness and audience reach.
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