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Our technology applies your brand’s DNA to every step of the production and distribution cycle - the first fully comprehensive content marketing platform. Learn how Percolate helps brands throughout the cycle, as illustrated below through our own company's brand identity.

Who am I?
Brand DNA
As brands produce more content for social and digital channels, maintaining a consistent voice and look becomes a challenge.
Percolate is the only content software built with the brand in mind. Our platform codes all aspects of a brand identity into technology, from taglines and content pillars to logos and color palettes, powering governance tools for scalable, on-brand content creation.

What should I talk about?
Social has fundamentally changed the scale, pace, and pattern of content, requiring brands to plan differently in order to be relevant.
Percolate takes a collaborative approach to content planning, streamlining the process for communicating events, campaigns, and evergreen content categories. Our interactive planning tools allow teams to translate established Brand DNA into an actionable framework for content creation.

What do I say?
Content production cycles have shortened from days to hours to minutes. With less time to craft content, the challenge is often what to say across channels.
Percolate is the only technology to help with content inspiration, providing brand-focused trends from the web, image and media recommendations, and briefs for campaign management and content fulfillment. Teams can build from idea seeds through to full-form content.

How do I say it?
The Photographer app helps brands
source images from employees
With a content plan in place, teams have to assemble all of the various elements that go into an individual piece of content.
Percolate's content sourcing solutions take you 90% of the way there. Brands can easily organize all of their own assets into publisher-friendly media libraries or seamlessly tap into a large pool of licensed media. External media partnerships allow teams to commission bespoke long-form content, branded videos, and infographics.

Who builds my content?
It typically takes more than one person to craft and finalize a message. Managing the input and feedback of teams of people takes a tremendous amount of time.
Move away from endless spreadsheets and emails. Our software allows teams to build on concepts together and is flexible enough for any publishing workflow. With increased efficiency, teams can test, plan, and design informed social campaigns - even taking the content creation process onto mobile devices.

Where am I publishing?
Each content channel has its own purpose, cadence, and tone - and publishing only becomes more complex as social audiences grow, targeting options expand, and new channels emerge.
With Percolate's publishing tools, brands can tie together all elements of digital marketing content, uniting efforts in search and social. A global publishing tool suite allows brands to create, maintain, and monitor consistency at the true scale of social.

How do my audiences respond?
Social and digital allow for immediate feedback from your audiences - the most direct point of contact with existing and prospective consumers.
Not only can you intelligently engage with your audiences and respond to inquiries, but you can transform every fan into a potential content creator with FanBranded, Percolate’s user-generated content procurement application.

What can I learn?
Percolate’s Leaderboard App:
Track performance on the go.
With millions of people interacting with billions of posts and links, social and digital media generate a tremendous amount of data. Making sense of it is the hard part.
Percolate's data visualizations allow teams to draw patterns out of content, allowing past performance to inform future activity. Teams can build taxonomies of brand content themes, helping to determine what works best and why.
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