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In 2013, Unilever partnered with Percolate to make their global marketing more consistent, efficient, and effective.

With €14 billion brands, over 1,000 content creators, and more than 100 million Facebook fans globally — Unilever is one of the largest content marketing organizations in the world.


Percolate’s image editor and media management solutions help Unilever’s marketing teams increase both the visual quality and consistency of their digital marketing.

To see the vision that we had for social media to come alive on Percolate, and to have the type of content access that we had hoped for, this system really does offer that.

Meagan Hamel

Meagan Hamel

Social Media Content Strategist at Harbinger
for Hellman’s Mayonnaise


Through Percolate’s collaboration process, brand governance, and inspiration tools, Unilever establishes stronger brand guidelines while increasing content productivity.


Following the success of the pilot program, the partnership between Unilever and Percolate has expanded to over 100 licenses, covering 30+ global brands, 40+ different agencies, and 20+ separate markets across the globe.


Using Percolate, Unilever reduced the time its teams spent creating and approving content. By speeding up branding and image editing work, Percolate also decreased Unilever’s cost per social post. Applied broadly across Unilever, this will generate estimated annual savings of more than $10 million.

Global image drop is helpful: It makes my life easier and frees up some time. You can search variations of images so each market can customize it for their audience. What we once had to send to the design team to amend, I can now do myself in Percolate.

Kirsty Grimes

Kirsty Grimes

Lead Community Manager at Hey Human for Surf UK

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