Meet Percolate:
The System
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for Marketing

Percolate provides a powerful, intuitive software platform to manage all your marketing in one place.

Percolate provides a powerful, intuitive software platform to manage all your marketing in one place.

Accelerate Your Marketing

Percolate is a flexible, first-of-its-kind system that improves team productivity, strengthens your brand, and increases sales.

Only Percolate encodes the strategic and visual elements of your marketing, including target audiences, channels, objectives, and brand guidelines to make everything you do more efficient and inspired.

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Campaign planning is one of the more complex activities in marketing. Using disconnected and incomplete tools like spreadsheets and emails to plan your marketing leads to lost time and productivity.

Percolate lets you schedule, collaborate and coordinate every marketing activity across every team around the world. Our cross-channel calendar connects all your digital and offline marketing priorities to streamline communications and simplify planning.

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Creative Development

Great marketing doesn't happen without great creative development. The number of marketing channels may have grown, but the time you have in the day hasn't, and you need the right tools to guide your creativity from idea to execution.

Percolate’s integrated briefs guide communication and collaboration between marketers and agencies, and our flexible workspace tools help you quickly create remarkable content of any type. Percolate lets teams easily execute, manage, and measure successful cross-channel marketing campaigns, all in one place.

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Content Creation

The best marketing is collaborative, and coordination across teams requires a complete system for creation and organization.

Percolate helps you move away from “war rooms” and endless email threads. Our software lets your team build on concepts together, with the flexibility to support even the most complex workflows. With Percolate, teams of any size can create, review and approve content in real time, even from a mobile device.

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Marketers need customization for different channels and customer profiles — and distribution only becomes more complex as targeting options expand and new channels emerge.

Percolate streamlines how your brand manages and captures audience attention through a suite of tools for publishing and paid media. Brands can synchronize a campaign across all online and offline channels, so content marketing, email, social, search, TV, print, and display advertising all work together.

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Social and digital allow for immediate feedback from your audiences — the most direct point of contact with existing and prospective customers.

In Percolate, you can go beyond social CRM and build your brand with targeted customer experiences. Teams can intelligently engage audiences, route inquiries to the right team or third-party system, and transform every fan into a content creator through user-generated content.

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Your marketing generates a lot of data. It shouldn't take a lot of time to understand what it means for your business.

Percolate’s closed-loop system lets you analyze your marketing from creation to customer, delivering insights no other software can. With customizable reports, teams can use performance metrics to inform strategic decisions, optimize resource requirements, and determine cross-channel ROI.

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