Marketing Asset Management

Integrate your digital asset management into existing marketing processes and workflows. Percolate simplifies asset management so you can effortlessly store, search, and surface marketing assets and content.

House all of your marketing assets in one place that fits seamlessly into the rest of your marketing processes. Percolate’s asset management system fits with your existing content workflows to keep your teams organized so your company gets the most out of every asset that’s created.

Percolate is designed to make sharing across global marketing teams easy. The intuitive sharing capabilities — whether assets, content, or campaigns — facilitate distribution from HQs to regional teams while allowing localization across every unique market.

Customize access so only designated teams or users can upload or share approved assets, ensuring you have the control to maintain brand governance across even the most complex organizations.

With Percolate, Arla Foods has a system in place for global content production and effective reuse of assets across local markets.

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