Social Media Management

Bring social out of its silo and connect it to the rest of your marketing. Percolate unifies your social and content marketing efforts so you can execute a cohesive marketing strategy.

Align your social media activities with your other key marketing initiatives. Integrating social with your broader marketing strategy increases visibility while allowing you to execute consistently across all of your digital marketing efforts.

Provide your social teams with everything they need to drive brand and sales growth in one place. With an integrated marketing asset management system and a robust content calendar, executing your social media marketing strategy has never been easier.

With Percolate as the home of your social marketing planning, creation, and publishing, it’s only natural that the success of that content is measured within the same platform. Overlay your social analytics with operational data to provide unique insights and reporting into your social and content marketing initiatives.

Mastercard uses Percolate to deliver high-quality content across its channels, driving consistent, organic growth and digital community development.

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