Brands using Percolate to create content at a scale never seen before

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Today brands are acquiring audiences at an unprecedented scale thanks to platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. The challenge is to figure out what to say. Percolate solves this with its content marketing platform, helping brands both scale and sustain their content.
“When we implemented Percolate, the time it took to create content and post to all of our social channels was cut in half.”
Katja Wald — Director of Marketing, Aquent
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Boost Mobile
“Percolate has been a great resource. It’s given us a way to simply and efficiently complement content across all social media platforms.”
Wally Fox — Creative Director, Boost Mobile
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“Denny’s needs tools and partners to help it actively participate in the always on environment of social. Percolate’s content platform helps our agency succeed.”
John Dillon — VP Marketing at Denny’s
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University of Phoenix
“Percolate has been vital to our team's effort to centralize publishing. We've been able to efficiently and effectively scale across our multiple social channels, enabling us to reach our audience with valuable content in more meaningful ways.”
Joe Ahn — Senior Manager, Social Media Content Strategy at University of Phoenix
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“Percolate has helped us immensely in achieving our goal of delivering more relevant and engaging content across all of our social channels.”
Danika Laszuk — VP of Marketing Jawbone
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