Brand and Agencies Working in Perfect Harmony, Even Remotely




6 Million

Increase in Facebook posts


Increase in tweets


Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile and agency 180LA needed a system in which they could collaborate closely, approaching a common goal while working within a shared process.

Using Percolate, they were able to increase social engagement and shares on Facebook and Twitter, establish more efficient workflows and communication between content creators, collaborators and approvers, and optimize resource allocation to execute on great ideas.

A Shared Voice

Using Percolate’s collaborative content creation tools, Boost Mobile and their agency, 180LA, were able to establish better communications and shared workflows across teams.

Percolate has been a great resource. It’s given us a way to simply and efficiently complement content across all social media platforms.

Wally Fox

Wally Fox

Creative Director at Boost Mobile

Effective Social Engagement

By working better together, Boost Mobile and 180LA were able to increase social engagement and shares by 115%+ on both Facebook and Twitter.

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