Creating Innovative Marketing Systems

With multiple lines of business — aviation, healthcare, energy, among others — and 305,000 employees across 160 countries, GE is one of largest and most innovative companies on the planet. Learn how Percolate has become an integral part of GE’s global workflows, driving improved brand consistency, efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness as their system of record for marketing.


“The new planning system that Percolate developed for our team is allowing us to scale our content strategy in a very meaningful way. Seeing all of our campaigns in a single location and collaborating with our colleagues has never been easier. The planner is helping us extract more value from our content and align a diverse set of teams across our organization.”
Katrina Craigwell Katrina Craigwell — Head of Global Digital Programming at GE

Brand Consistency

Through Percolate’s global image drop, brand ingestion tools, and content planner, GE is able to maintain a stronger and more consistent visual brand across their marketing.


By planning, storing, and distributing all digital through Percolate, GE can publish more content, faster, with less effort, including over 950 posts in March 2014 alone.


Over 350 marketers and agency partners use Percolate’s planner to create events and coordinate regional creative, campaigns, and schedules across 10 global marketing channels.


Our powerful image editor allows local teams to quickly customize global brand assets and produce compelling visuals without the need for dedicated designers or Photoshop.

“From their far-reaching ideas about the future of marketing, to their supportive, knowledgeable, and highly responsive client team, to the stability, flexibility, and power of their marketing technology, we have reaped massive benefits from partnering with Percolate.”
— Gerald Ang, Global Digital Lead at GE