Spark Networks

Fueling a Lean Marketing Machine

Spark Networks owns and operates more than 30 iconic, niche-focused online properties and communities. It is best known for its special interest personal sites, including its two most recognized brands: JDate®.com and ChristianMingle®.com. With only a small team of dedicated marketers responsible for both brands, Spark Networks turned to Percolate to streamline their marketing efforts, resulting in increased efficiency and content marketing productivity. Read on below or download the full case study.


Time Savings Through Centralization

Spark Networks stores and manages their digital assets all within the Percolate Asset Manager. They have built out a robust taxonomy, tagging and organizing all their projects, assets, and creative in one place. Gone are the days of losing collateral in a variety of ad hoc systems, greatly reducing team inefficiencies.

An Effective Platform Redesign

Most recently, JDate overhauled their website, entirely redesigning the experience for their users. JDate briefed their website redesign and coordinated the campaign in Percolate. Team members were able to comment in the conversation stream with new updates or setbacks, as well as collaborate on any problems they encountered in the process. Not having to switch between multiple applications saved them time and allowed them to execute on their initiative more efficiently.