How Percolate Enhanced Customer Support for WD



Business Units


Flags Created


Decrease in Flag-to-resolution Time


Western Digital

WD faced the complexity of managing customer support on social media across the organization.

It had to make sure support teams issued on-brand responses to customer concerns in different time zones and in different languages.

On-the-Go Workflows

WD uses Percolate’s mobile app to let team members monitor social conversations and flag customer comments. And Percolate Mobile lets designated individuals browse scheduled responses to approve them or request changes — all from their smartphones.

I love the Percolate mobile app. It makes it easy to approve posts while I am in meetings and on the fly.

Katie Wilson

Katie Wilson

Global Customer Support Social Media
Specialist at Western Digital

Streamlining Response Approval

Percolate incorporated WD’s existing approval workflows, so that the right people can approve or provide feedback to proposed responses. For the customer issues that don’t need custom replies, WD uses saved messages that have been pre-approved as on-brand and compliant with regulations.

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